On-going Fundraisers

Vince and Joe’s RaiseRight (Gift Cards- formerly Scrip)

This fundraiser will take place monthly at the same time as the other scrip fundraiser. Orders due online by the band booster meeting each month and payment to the Scrip Coordinator (Mark Schultz) or Treasurer (Nicole Reeves) within 48 hours of the meeting. All orders will be placed on the Wednesday following the booster meeting.

To order the RaiseRight cards send Mark a check made out to HF2IMB for the number and amount of gift cards they want to purchase (denominations from $20.00 to $100.00). He will turn the checks into the Treasurer and she will write a check to Vince & Joes for 95% and the band keeps 5%. Of the 5% profit 85% will go in your student account, 15% in the general fund.

Mark Schultz address: 14185 Bellevue Blvd, Sterling Heights, MI 48313

Mark Schultz email: markschultz24@gmail.com

RaiseRight (formerly Scrip) – Gift Card Orders – Monthly Orders

The profit (2-20% of the gift card value) is split  15/85% between general fund and your student’s account. It is an easy way to make money for HF2IMB, buy presents, and even purchase gift cards to use at the restaurants, stores, gas stations and movie theaters you already go to. There are 100’s of places to choose from like AMC Theaters, Barnes and Noble, bd’s Mongolian Grill, Shell Gas stations and many more. Get your check to the RaiseRight coordinator (Mark Schultz) or treasurer (Nicole Reeves)  within 48 hours (of the monthly band booster meeting) for delivery no later than the next band booster meeting.

Order gift cards for gas station – you will earn $$ and get the “cash” price at the pump!!!

Follow these instructions to check it out:

  1. Go to www.raiseright.com/shop and use enrollment code 2EB43BAL27256 to place your order (or just check it out).
  2. Print a copy of your order for yourself.
  3. Write a check for the amount on your order payable to HF2IMB, include “RaiseRight order” and “your student’s name” in the memo line of the check.
  4. Get your check to the Treasurer with in 48 hours (of the 10th of the month)  for delivery at the next Booster Meeting.

If you have any questions please contact Mark Shultz at email markschultz24@gmail.com .

Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger distributes funds quarterly to non-profit organizations registered to their Kroger Community Rewards program. Simply register online and shop using your “Kroger Card” and a share of the community rewards funds will go to Henry Ford Instrumental Music Boosters.

Each quarter provide your online statement from Kroger to Sarah Smith at hf2.kroger@gmail.com and your student’s account will be credited.


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