Washington D.C. Trip Information

To all Washington, D.C. trip participants (and parents)

A few things as we approach our departure date:

The Parade will be televised LIVE on Monday 5/25, starting at 2:00. It will be on the REELZ Channel: 799 on Uverse, 161 on Comcast, not available on WOWWAY. : (

Will also be streaming on Military.com (link below)

Keep in mind that with LIVE Television, there is no guarantee that we will appear on the broadcast, as all entries are subject to commercials, etc.

We are event no. 45, out of roughly 120 parade events, so approximately in the first 1/3 of the parade.

Weather- as of right now, the forecast for 5/25 is HOT- we will be taking every possible precaution to keep the students cool and hydrated- we will NOT be wearing the black hats, the uniforms are not wool, but a lighter “breathable polyester”, we will not be putting the coats on until the last possible minute, and  I have ordered neck-cooling wraps to help with this as well.

Also, the National Memorial Day Concert (that we are attending) will be broadcast on PBS, Sunday 5/24 at 8:00


National Memorial Day Parade | Military.com
All veterans and active duty military are encouraged to participate in the National Memorial Day Parade, which will take place Monday, May 25, 2015.

Matt Schoenherr

Director of Bands & Orchestra

Henry Ford II High School


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