Color Guard Pratice

Mr. Schoenherr and I are still trying to find a practice space for this Monday, 6/29, and the rest of the summer. We are working directly with another UCS building, as well as local churches to find available indoor space. We are still waiting to hear back from them. If we cannot get into an indoor location for Monday’s practice, the practice will be held at Farmsted Park in Sterling Heights. The park is located on Clinton River Road near HF2. If we have to hold the practice outside and the weather doesn’t agree with us and forces me to cancel practice again for Monday, I am hoping to reschedule the practice for Wednesday, 7/1. That being said, I will not cancel practice if it’s just dreary or misty. I will only cancel in the event of thunder, lightning, or heavy downpours. There is a pavilion at Farmsted for shelter should we need it. Please make sure your student expects to be outside and dresses accordingly. The practice time we are looking at is 6:30pm-9:00pm. I apologize for any trouble this has caused so far. We’re doing our best to find a “summer home” for the students, and I will send another e-mail out as soon as we get word from an indoor location.
Thank you,
Caitlyn Kliest

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