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Romeo Peach Parade Map 2015



Monday, Sept. 7, 2015

Please make sure that you have a good breakfast before coming to school. Water/soda will be provided, and you can bring a snack if you would like.

11:15         Arrive at Ford in summer uniforms


11:30          Leave for Romeo

12:00          Arrive in Romeo and report to assigned area

Await further instruction. You know the routine; hurry up and wait.

1:30            Parade Begins

1:30- 3:00          Step off – we have not been assigned an event number, so I will not know where we are in the parade line-up until the day of the parade!

4:15           Arrive back at Ford (approximately)

If parents are at the parade and plan on picking up students at Ford, please leave right after we pass you.  Don’t wait until the parade ends to start home.  There will be an adult present at school for one half-hour after the busses have dropped us off! Also, please try to park in an area that will give you easier access to leave Romeo- south of the parade route is recommended.

If you are taking your child home directly from the parade, please send in a note to be given to the bus chaperone, and pick them up at the location on the map on the reverse side.


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