Weather for today’s rehearsal and game

Please bring a towel to wipe down the bleachers if it rains during the game. We don’t want anyone to sit on a wet bleacher with white shorts. Mr Schoenherr will adjust the schedule for rehearsal depending on weather this afternoon. Go band!

Update 3:15PM

As of right now, the game is on-weather-related decisions are not made until game time by the MHSAA Officials. I will be watching the weather VERY closely and will plan accordingly, and keep everyone posted as to whether we are going to SHS or not. We are rehearsing, but are inside right now. We want to perform tonight if all possible, be we WILL NOT put the children in harms way.

Go Band!

Mr. Schoenherr

Update 5:18PM

Here’s the plan – radar is showing a clearing between now and 9:00PM. We will be going to SHS for the pre-game, and performing the halftime show. After the show we will pack up and head home. I will still be watching the weather very closely, and will accordingly. I’ve already made arrangements to be inside Stevenson HS if need be.

Go Band!

Mr Schoenherr


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