Concession Stand

The band parents are being asked by the Athletic Booster Club if of our parents would be willing to work the concession stand at the home Freshman, JV, and Varsity football game. The Freshman and JV games are player on Thursday’s at 4PM and 7PM.  Varsity plays Friday’s at 7PM, the games the band attends. All games are at SHS. Please click the link below if your interested in volunteering.

Dear Band parents,

My name is Teri Steinwascher, both my boys are kickers for JV (Alejandro – Sophomore) and Varsity (Javier- Senior). Both of the boys are currently also in season for soccer.  Both Javier and Alejandro (aka Alex) are on varsity soccer and are (at least trying their best) to be committed to both sports, as well as my husband and I.

Last week when I was told that we would not have any concessions for VARSITY FOOTBALL on a FRIDAY NIGHT in late August, I had to ask why?  Because we don’t have enough parent support!  So after discussing it with coach Winters and Mr. Ledbetter, I told them I would do it! What do I need to do? I have never worked nor ran anything like this, because I am always on the sideline coaching!  They put me in contact with the booster club and away we ran!  A HUGE THANK YOU TO DONNA DEASE, for helping get it up and running in less then 48 hrs. We had a great night and it felt like football season, which is the only way I know how to start the school year!  I spoke with Dave and Brenda and they offered to help by sending out an email to see if we could recruit some help from the band family.

As a parent (of 3 total – a Jr. daughter as well), a teacher, and a coach (both boys & girls varsity soccer) here at Ford I feel that we can all give back a little in our own ways.  I know you are all busy and already committed to the Instrumental Music program, it obvious with how good the kids are out on the field, but I am asking for your help.

After taking on the major responsibility of coordinating concessions for this years fall football season, I am finding it a bit challenging to find enough support to cover all the games each week.  I am asking if you as parents are willing to work on Thursday nights during the Freshman or JV games, they are usually a 4:00/4:30pm or 7:00pm kick off and if you are available to help on Friday’s, Ill even help make it work so you can pop out at 1/2 time to go watch your student perform.    This way no one misses there kid performing…as I was working last week, I missed Javier’s 41 yd field goal, but unfortunately didn’t miss the 42 yd miss! 😦

If you are willing to help please refer to Coach Winters’  SlyReply link to sign up to help or you can contact me directly:

Teri Steinwascher
Thank you for all your help!

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