Color Gaurd Thankgiving Day Parade Needs

Hello, everyone!
I just wanted to send out this e-mail to give some information on what will be needed for the Thanksgiving day parade.

First, we will have two mandatory practices before the parade. One on Wednesday, November 18th and another on Monday, November 23rd. Both of these practices will be from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Meet in the band room (come in door 6). Wednesday is supposed to be slightly warmer; therefore, rehearsal may be held outside if possible so that the students can practice spinning while bundled up since they aren’t used to spinning with layers on. If there are any schedule conflicts I will need a parent/guardian to notify me via e-mail.

Second, gloves are being ordered for each color guard member. These gloves are being ordered specifically for color guard and will have sure-grip on them. The gloves will be larges so that the students can layer up underneath if needed, but the ordered gloves MUST be worn on the outermost layer. Those will cost $2.50 and that money will need to be turned in to Mr. Schoenherr by Thanksgiving at the latest.
Third, each student will need to purchase a generic Santa hat. These can be purchased from most stores. If the student already owns a plain Santa hat, they are more than welcome to use that instead of purchasing a new one. The link below is an example of what the student will need:
Lastly, the color guard will be wearing red sweaters for the parade. Each student will need to go to a store, such as K-Mart, and purchase their own. It will need to be a plain RED sweater that looks like the sweater in the following link:
***Please be sure to buy a larger size than usual when purchasing the sweater. It will be cold and the students will need to layer up quite a bit underneath that sweater to stay warm during the parade.***
The students will be required to wear the black shoes that they wore with their uniform, the red sweatshirt in the link above, the red Santa hat, and the black uniform pants that they used for the Fall season. They will want to layer up underneath the pants as well (long john’s, leggings, etc.)
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Caitlyn Kliest


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