Thanksgiving Day Parade Timeline and Schedule

Thanksgiving Day Timeline





Prizes will be awarded for outstanding decorations by section!


 6:30           Arrive at Ford in FULL UNIFORM (+ gloves, scarves, hats, etc) Bagels and juice will be provided for breakfast, courtesy of the HFII IMB!

7:00            Leave for Detroit

8:00            Arrive in Detroit and report to assigned area

Await further instruction. You know the routine; hurry up and wait. Remember to bring a blanket or 2 to use during the “holding time”, to then be donated to charity!

8:50            Parade Begins

10:15         Step off – that puts us roughly in the last 1/3 of the parade

11:30         TV Zone Appearance! (TV Zone is between Grand River & Gratiot

 11:45-ish  End of Parade route, pack up and return home

 1:00           Arrive back at Ford (approximately)

 If parents are at the parade and plan on picking up students at Ford, please leave right after we pass you.  DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE PARADE ENDS TO START HOME. 

 Parade Route: Starts at Woodward/Kirby, right in front of the DIA, heads down Woodward to Congress. TV zone is at Woodward/Grand River

If you are taking your child home directly from the parade, please send in a note to be given to the bus chaperone. Our dispersal area is right near the Spirit of Detroit statue, Woodward & Larned. Please meet with your student and one of the chaperons so that we can ensure they are with you and will get home safely.

The best way to dress for the parade is in layers, specifically a wicking layer and an insulating layer. WATCH THE WEATHER FORECAST TO DETERMINE HOW MANY LAYERS YOU MIGHT NEED!!

Wicking Layer: This is the layer worn next to your skin, usually consisting of long underwear.

  • Look for thermal underwear made of a synthetic- usually polyester- fiber that has a “wicking” power. This means the fibers will wick (move) moisture away from your skin and pass it through the fabric so that it will evaporate. This keeps you warm, dry & comfortable. Silk is also a good, natural fabric that has wicking abilities.
  • Even though it’s cold, you will sweat- especially if you’re marching the 3 miles down the parade route.

Insulating Layer: This layer includes sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. The purpose of this layer is to keep heat in and cold out, which is accomplished by trapping air between the fibers.

  • Fleece, a synthetic material which maintains an insulating ability even when wet and spreads the moisture out so it dries quickly.
  • Wool, which naturally wicks moisture away

Protection layer– your uniform is designed to help block the wind, and allows for perspiration to evaporate.

Cotton is a no-no! Cotton is great for towels, because cotton soaks up and retains moisture. That’s precisely why cotton is all wrong for parade day. It absorbs moisture (snow, rain, sweat) and retains it. When the wind blows, you will get very, very cold. Cotton = BAD!

Headwear: Up to 60% of your body’s heat can escape from an uncovered head. The uniform hats/berets will offer some protection, but a thin winter hat/earmuffs will also be beneficial.

PARKING: here’s the link to clickondetroit-


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