Symphonic Band MSBOA Festival


Timeline- MSBOA Band & Orchestra Festival

Saturday March 12th, 2016 Dakota H.S.

 1:15 PM     Report to band Room. Load truck; get into Concert attire- Ladies in Concert Dress, Guys- Tuxedo, CLEAN white shirt, make sure you have your tie & cummerbund

1:30             Depart for DHS

2:15          Arrive at DHS, report to homeroom. No food or drink allowed in the homeroom or auditorium. Time permitting, we will listen to one other group perform.

2:50            Warm-up in assigned room

3:20         Brilliant performance!

3:50            Sight-reading

4:30 (Approx.)     Ratings posted, return to Ford

5:00 (Approx.)     Back at Ford, unload truck.

Just a friendly reminder, you are representing Ford II, the Music Dept., and more importantly, yourselves! I would like to find it unnecessary to remind you of this while at this event. Conduct yourselves in a manner that is professional & mature. If you perform to the best of your ability, we will be successful. Bring with you the same focus and intensity that we brought to the marching field last October. From the moment you walk in to Dakota H.S., your mind should be set on One goal. From the moment you walk onto the stage, you are performing for that One goal.

Think about it, you’ll never have to play these 3 songs ever again! (Well, maybe once)

 Dakota H.S. 21051 21 Mile Road  Macomb Twp. MI 48044

 Saturday March 12, 2016 @ Dakota H.S.


Band Festival is an opportunity for ensembles from member schools to perform a program of three pieces for adjudication, one of which must be from MSBOA’s required list.

District-level festivals are held at the end of February through the beginning of March. Each group is evaluated by three performance judges and one sight-reading judge.


Ensembles are rated on a scale from 1 to 5 with 1 being the highest rating possible. The overall score is computed using a formula which combines the ratings of each judge. Ensembles that earn an overall 1 rating (or “Superior”) are qualified for State Band & Orchestra Festival which is held in late April or early May. The basic structure of State Band & Orchestra Festival is the same as District, but the ensembles are held to a higher standard. Participating ensembles that earn a rating of 1 or 2 at District or State Festivals receive a certificate and are eligible to purchase plaques for display at their school and medals for each student.


Ensembles are judged in five categories:  TONE, INTONATION, RHYTHM, TECHNIQUE and INTERPRETATION.  Tone refers to the quality and beauty of the sound the ensemble produces; intonation refers to how well in tune the ensemble performs; rhythm refers to the accuracy with which rhythms are performed as an ensemble; technique refers to how each ensemble performs their music with regard to fingering, bowing, etc.; interpretation refers to the musical elements such as dynamics, phrasing, style, tempo and expression.

Each of the above categories receives a letter grade similar to students’ grades in school.  A predominance of grades determines the final rating.  The final ratings of each performance judge and the sight-reading are combined to determine the final rating.


After each ensemble’s performance of their prepared music, they will go to the sight reading room.  The ensemble will have 5 minutes to look at a piece of music they have never seen.  During this time, students may not play their instruments.  After the 5 minutes are up, the ensemble must then perform the piece and are rated based on the same criteria used for the concert portion of the festival.


Division I represents an excellent level of performance and musicianship for the event.

Division II represents a good performance, but not worthy of the highest rating due to minor defects in performance or ineffective interpretation. Shows much accomplishment and promise.

Division III represents a fair performance, but not outstanding.  Shows accomplishment and promise, but is lacking in some essential qualities.

Division IV represents a poor performance lacking in many essential qualities.

Division V represents an unsatisfactory performance.


YES!!! We need your applause!  We need your faces in that audience listening to how hard your kids have worked!  Parents are highly encouraged to attend and support their student’s ensemble. Please wear your FALCON APPAREL!  Parents are allowed in both the performance and sight-reading rooms.  Performances may be recorded by parents, however the sight-reading portion is not allowed to be recorded.  An audio recording of the ensemble’s performance will be available for purchase at the festival site for a nominal fee.



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