USPBL Championship Game Sunday, September 11, 2016

USPBL Championship Game Timeline

USPBL Championship Game

Sunday, September 11, 2016

 11:30             Call time at HFII- SUMMER UNIFORM! NO EXCEPTIONS!

11:45             Depart for Jimmy Johns Field

 12:00             Arrive at Jimmy Johns, unload trailer, proceed to designated area for performance.

12:30             Start playing: We are playing background music for the spectators as they enter the ball park.

 1:10                Finish playing, store instruments (designated area-TBD) short break, water provided

1:40                We will be bringing the GIANT flag out on to the field for the singing of the National Anthem. After that we will pack up the trailer, head back into the ballpark, and enjoy some of the game….. (we can’t stay the entire game- buses on a Sunday are VERY expensive)

 2:00                Game Starts- additional food/drinks available for purchase

 3:45-ISH        return to HFII

 4:00                Back to HFII

 If you are planning on staying the entire game, or if you plan on leaving early, a NOTE from home to your bus chaperon. You will need to make arrangements with your parents as to where to meet them.

Parents: Discounted tickets for the game ARE available!

Go to once you navigate to the ticket order page, you can enter the promo code CHAMP2016. I don’t know what the discount is, and WE are sitting on the lawn area.


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