Homecoming Week 2016

Update: The Daniels have kindly offered there front lawn for band parent to enjoy the parade from this year again. 

Address : 42729 Gainsley  

Monday 9/19

Rehearsal 5:00-9:00

Wednesday 9/21  – Rehearsal with Bemis Jr. High- 8:20-10:20 Report to field at 8:15, you will be excused from your classes until 10:20. If you are Off- Campus (MST, CSI IB, KFC, KGB etc.) YOU would need to make arrangements to be here. IF you cannot be here, NO WORRIES!!!

Rehearsal 2:30-4:00

Friday 9/23             

8:00 – Report to the band room at – heading to Bemis Jr. High, snaking the halls with the BJH 8th grade band, returning to HFII approx. 9:15 (off campus?- same as above)

TBD- End of D Lunch Prior to the pep assembly, we will be snaking the halls, leading into the gym for the assembly. Adjusted schedule for classes on this day has not yet been posted.

3:35 – Report to back sidewalk, getting into parade formation with 8th grade band, various alumni, etc.

4:00 – FULL UNIFORM!!!!!!!!!! Parade starts; WE set the pace for the parade, will stop along the parade route to play for the boosters

4:45ish – Pizza at HFII (mmmmmmpizza!)

5:30 – Head over to SHS, run the show on the practice field, then on to pre-game, normal football game schedule


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