UCS Band-A-Rama

UCS Band-A-Rama

Sunday, Oct. 2nd 2016 – Swinehart Field @ UHS

4:15          Report to HFII, FULL UNIFORM! Make sure you have something to eat before arrival. We don’t need anyone passing out from lack of nourishment!

4:30          Depart for Utica High School IN FULL UNIFORM. Upon arrival at UHS, leave cases on the bus, trailer, and proceed to warm-up area.

5:30          Mass band rehearsal for Star Spangled Banner, Mr. Traskal, Conductor

5:45          Cadence over to field. (UHS Drumline Cadence)

6:00          Star-Spangled Banner

Bands Performances:      

Order of bands: Utica, HENRY FORD II, Eisenhower, Stevenson,

After Stevenson’s performance, load up the trailer & return to HFII, APPROXIMATELY 7:30


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