From: Mr Schoenherr

Band parents, friends, supportersMaking the right decision on an evening such as this is NEVER an easy task, but a task that I take very seriously. There is no one decision that everyone will agree with. On one hand, for the kids sake, we needed this performance to be better prepared for Sunday’s Band-A-Rama; on the other hand the conditions are impossible to judge accurately (if forecasters were teachers, they would NOT be Highly effective!!)

It was in the best interest of the students to bring them to SHS for the game.

It was also in the best interest of the students to leave early, unfortunately without performing.

Thank you to everyone for your understanding, especially to those of you in the stands, awaiting a kick-a$$ show.

See everyone Sunday night, we’ll save the kick-a$$ show for then. When we take the field, I hope to see you all GET UP AND DANCE!!!


Matt Schoenherr

Director of Bands & Orchestra

Henry Ford II High School


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