Charity Poker

Hello Everyone,
We are proceeding with the poker nights being held on November 20-23.
In order to submit our application for the license, it requires a list of all people that will be helping out during the event to be submitted at the time of the application.
The application process takes about 30-45 days to get approved, so I cannot wait until pass the sign up sheets around at the next meeting.
I have created a signup list with signup genius with the hope that it will help out with the information I need – full name, email and phone number.
For those who have never used this before or are uncomfortable, please send an email to hf2imb.president@gmail – include full name, phone number and email.
If you are signing up for more than one person, please include the other full names within the comments section or the email.
I would like to submit the application as soon as possible, but also want to get this out to people have have people get involved. At this time I am asking to have everyone signed up by October 13, 2016. This should allow me to get the application submitted in time (Hopefully)
The link for signup genius is below –
Thank You,
Dave Wallace
President | Henry Ford II Instrumental Music Boosters

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