Poker Nights Canceled

Dear Lenny & Dave,
I wish it was under better circumstance that I would come to you with better news. Our poker room Bora Bora’s Charity Poker Room has not been doing as well as we have hoped and expected since our grand opening.  In despite of all our efforts to get the room up and going, we have had a hard time getting players in from within our network.  Everyone has had amazing things to say about the room location, atmosphere and space but yet still cannot get players to commit and come in and play on daily bases. 
The owner of Bora Bora Bar & Grill has just informed us last night that they no longer want to host charity poker at their location and they have informed us that this Wednesday will be our last day at their location.
I am Sadden to have to inform you that we will be closing down our poker room as of this week.  Please contact the Michigan Gaming Control Board at (313) 456-4100or (313) 456-2004 and inform them of the situation.
If we identify a new location that would be interested in hosting Charity Poker in the future, I will certainly communication the information to you should you choose to host with us again. 
Once again, I am terribly sorry for how this has turned out as my #1 concern when I decided to do this was to work within our community and help the None-Profit Organizations raise money for their cause.  I will keep trying to do my best. 
Good Luck to you in all your future fundraising.
Darlene Jankowiak

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