Crafters’ Clearance Craft Show


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Crafters’ Clearance is your source for a lot of off-beat items that you’ll never find in stores. Everything sold is hand made, and our artisians would love to tell you the story associated with the special item. So please come support the young musicians of the Henry Ford II Band and share the Face Book page.

A partial list of Frequently Asked-For Items that will indeed be at Crafters’ Clearance this year:
*The lady with the homemade pickles and salad dressings.
*Super-warm mittens made from recycled sweaters
*American Girl doll clothes
*The Sweatshirts. You know, that really crowded booth?
*Hair bows and tutus for little girls
*Cinnamon almonds, cherry-chicken jerky, and kettle corn
*That Amish lady with the spices (actually, she’s Mennonite)
*The Pillow Lady
*Those guys with the kinda creepy-in-a-good-way sculptures
*Fudge, chocolate turtles, and gourmet apples


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