NY Trip Information

Time Square

Music Flyer

Good Morning

A couple things to post please!

For the NYC trip, for one of the meals, we need to pre-order

Please e-mail responses to matthew.schoenherr@uticak12.org or take care of it in the classroom…..

·         Cheeseburger with fries

·         Hamburger with fries

·         Chicken fingers with fries

·         Gluten free pasta with chicken

·         Gluten free vegan pasta without chicken

·         Grilled chicken breast sandwich with fries

·         Large Caesar salad with chicken

·         Large Caesar salad without chicken

·         Pasta Pommodora with chicken

·         Pasta Pommodora without chicken


Music for the parade is available in the band room, or on the attached PDF (please link)

a recording of said music can be heard here:


Please be prepared for the upcoming rehearsals!


Matt Schoenherr

Director of Bands & Choir

Henry Ford II High School


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