Chaperones for Jimmy John USPBL Championship Game 9-10-17


Hello Everyone !!  Need a few chaperones for our Jimmy Johns event.  If you can chaperone please send an email to   The information is as follows(Chaperones need to be at Ford at 11:15-11:25):

USPBL Championship Game

Sunday, September 10, 2017 

11:30             Call time at HFII- SUMMER UNIFORM SHIRT- since we’ll be staying for part of the game, full uniform would not be a great idea. Jeans, other shorts will be ok, long-sleeve t-shirt as well if you’d like- WATCH THE WEATHER!! 

11:45             Depart for Jimmy Johns Field 

12:00             Arrive at Jimmy Johns, unload trailer, proceed to designated area for performance. 

12:20             Start playing: We are playing background music for the spectators as they enter the ball park. 

1:15               Finish playing, proceed to staging area for the National Anthem. 

1:30               We will be performing the National Anthem to start the game, same block as we’d use for Football games. 

1:35ish          Game Starts- additional food/drinks available for purchase. We will be sitting in the lawn area, will either pack the instruments, or find a place to keep them safe outside. DRUMLINE will be playing between the first and second inning.  

3:30-ISH       return to HFII (we can’t stay the entire game- buses on a Sunday are VERY expensive)

 3:45               Back to HFII


Tony Landini


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