Road Rally Update

Road Rally

Due to the nature of this fundraiser October 6 was the very last day I could accept registrations for the road rally. Clues need to be finalized, as well as reservations for the final destination and prize money payout. This deadline was a firm deadline. My group and I have been hard at work coming up with some fun things for that night.  If you want to place your name on a waiting list in case someone backs out please contact me at

If I have spoken to you regarding updates/changes/additions I have your cars and number of people already factored in.

Please review the supplies list on the registration form (found on the website under road rally) and be aware that you will need to take selfies during the evening if you want to bring a selfie stick. You will also need to send and receive text messages. And since a large part of the rally will be in the dark make sure you have a flashlight on your phone or with you to help light the way.

I am asking that everyone participating in the road rally contact me at the email above with a captain and phone number for that evening. And an email address that you can be reached at for any additional info or changes. You can also use my address for any questions you need answered.

I look forward to seeing everyone on October 21 at 545pm sharp in the hf2 parking lot near the band room. You will receive your packets and final instructions at that time.  The rally will begin at 6 with no delay. We have almost 80 people in over 15 cars this year. GO BAND!!!!

Thanks Anita Landini and the road rally crew.


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