Polar Pizza Party Follow Up and Gratitude

Thank you to all the parents who donated their time and supplies to the Polar Pizza Party. We certainly couldn’t have accommodated the 264 attendees without your help, your cookies, your donations, and your support. If you didn’t sign in at the event, please contact me (hf2imbpolarpizza@gmail.com), so I can update the list.
Also, thank you to all the student volunteers. They all did a great job giving back to our community and kicking off the holiday season (and had a lot of fun, too).
The winners of the gift cards are Richard Jay (a.k.a. Peppermint the Elf) and Hattie Richardson. We chose Richard for his amazing holiday spirit and awesome elf costume. Hattie stood out to us for rocking the Snowball toss, for being so patient with all the children, for chasing after hundreds of snowballs, and for her festive Christmas sweater and Santa hat. I’ve made arrangements with Mr. Schoenherr to get the gift cards to these two students.
Because we had so many people attend this year (more than double from last year), we’ve totally depleted our craft and book supply . We will  need to totally restock for next year, so, as you are out shopping, please keep your eyes peeled for good deals on these items.
We’ll need a lot of Christmas foam cut outs (the bigger shapes as well as the self-sticking decorations),  stickers, Christmas table cloths, Holiday Photo holders/cards, etc. If you shop after Christmas (when all this holiday stuff goes on clearance), please consider purchasing some items to help us get a head start on next year.
Happy Holidays and thanks again for all your hard work and support!

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