Jimmy John’s Field Fundraiser

Jimmy Johs Field

Join us for a fun day at the ballpark, volunteering in their picnic area. This is a great way to earn money for band camp and for our trip next year. If you’re a freshman parent and you volunteer for opening weekend you will have money in your student account for this years band camp. For each game you volunteer at you will receive $25.50 in your student account. You should’ve already gotten an email invite from Signup Genius. I will send out a second inviteĀ tomorrow. I’m currently asking that you sign up for no more than six spots per student. If the interest is great the number may be reduced. If there are openings you will be given another opportunity to sign up. Only the first 8 slots are guaranteed, but if we fill all 14 prior to next week I can reserve 14 slots for that date. We will also develop an on-call list for those who are available at a moments notice. Let’s show Jimmy John’s field what a great band we are!

Katy Bailey


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