HF2 IMB Board Update!


Hello Everyone,

We wanted to inform the membership of some recent changes in the HF2IMB Band Booster Board of Directors.  We are sorry to say that Brian Buck needed to resign the President position as he will not have a child in the Band Program this coming season.  Brian was a great President for our Organization and both Brian and Maureen did a tremendous amount of work for the band and will be sorely missed.

The by-laws are clear in terms of process when there is a vacancy in one of the board positions.  As it states in:

4.14.5 –  Vacancies of the officers of the Corporation shall be filled by a majority vote of all Board of Directors and each person so elected shall be an officer until their successor is elected by the membership at the next annual members meeting in which the office is to be elected.

The board met on Monday, July 16th and unanimously elected Lorene Laurence the new President for the remainder of its term effective immediately.  Please join us in welcoming Lorene to that role and giving her your full support.


Board of Directors HF2IMB


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