Spirit Stix Supplies & Help needed!


Hello All,

We are in need of supplies to make Spirit Stix for our first HOME Football Game THIS Friday September 7th.

Please if you can donate bring to the school tomorrow before or after rehearsal that would be greatly appreciated!!!

For new Freshman parents that do not know we have a group of ladies that get together and make chocolate covered pretzels. The band students walk around the football game and sell them for $1 for a bag of 3. The money goes into the band general fund. Great way to meet new people and find out whats going on with the band!

Whats Needed:

Wilton chocolate melting discs – Chocolate, White, Red/Maroon

Pretzel tubs from Sames or Costco – These are the short small pretzel rods!

Colored Sprinkles

Thank you all for donations! See you all Friday!

Contact Stacy Yost for questions, donations, or can help make them!

email: stacy22771@aol.com



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