Looking for Volunteers for Winter Craft Show


We’re Carrie Gill and Tanya Durakovic, the new Show Coordinators for
the Handmade Marketplace c
raft show!  

We look forward to working with you!  
The date of the show will be Saturday, February 9, 2019.
Thank you to those of you who are volunteering again and to those of you who signed up at the last Booster Meeting! 
Below is the Coordinator list. We still have positions that need to be filled.
Show Coordinator(s) – Tanya Durakovic/Carrie Gill

School Liaison – Stacy Yost
Athletic Booster Contact – Vacant
Artist Manager – Jenn Towianski
Associate Artist Manager(s) – Rebecca Walkowski/Veronica Towianski
Publicity – Shannon Borngesser
Associate Publicity – Vacant
Admissions Coordinator – Linda Oleksi
Associate Admissions Coordinator – Tina Elle
Volunteer Coordinator – Stacy Yost
Associate Volunteer Coordinator – Vacant
Concessions Coordinator – Ann Smith
Assoc Concessions Coordinator – Laura Kiefer/Brooke Burch/Mary Taurmina
Hospitality Coordinator – Shannon Borngesser
Assoc Hospitality Coordinator – Vacant
Layout Coordinator – Vacant
Assoc Layout Coordinator – Vacant
Parking Lot Coordinator – Mark Wyffels
Associate Parking Lot Coordinator – John Borer

We will have a Coordinator Meeting on Monday, October 15, at 5:45 p.m. in the band room.
Please take volunteering into consideration. This will be FUN!!! 
We look forward to seeing you!

Please use this email to contact either of us. 

For a more prompt response, you can also call or text message us:

Carrie 248-506-4662

Tanya 586-864-0838  

Thank You!!! 

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