Thank you from Band Director Mr. Schoenherr


A huge THANK YOU to everyone for your support throughout the season! The passion you have for your kids success was very evident Sunday night at Bandarama, and even more so last night at Festival. I couldn’t be any prouder of them and their outstanding performance. Each and every one of them gave it their all. We don’t have to like the rating given, we don’t have to agree with it. What we CAN agree on is the kids put together one hell of a show- exciting, entertaining and FUN! They learned how to work together as a team, how to become better musicians, and, in my eyes, have become better people. Setbacks are a part of life, last night was no different. I am confident they will bounce back from this, and keep their heads up high.
Because we’re having a good time…….Don’t Stop Believing!!
Go Band!!!!
Mr. Schoenherr


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