Meeting follow-up from March 4th to be ready for April General Booster meeting


2019 Board Positions


Here is the responsibilities information for the 3 board positions that are up for nominations/nominees in 2019. These are 2 year term positions.

Corresponding Secretary – Nominated – Jeff Finnigan

Treasurer – Nominated – Jenifer Palombit  & Sharon Shivas

President – Nominated – Lorene Laurence

All positions must be nominated at the meeting and be present to accept the nomination.

We also are in need to fill the following chair positions before these folks leave so that there is time to be shadowed! New Freshman parents are encouraged to volunteer if they so desire!

Kroger Rewards Chair    Craft Show Coordinator/s    Flower Sale Chair  Spirit Wear

Please think these over for our next General booster meeting on April 8th!




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