Dream Dinners

Falcon 1
Dream Dinners has availability in April to do a fundraiser.  The following Dates/Times are available:
Thursday, April 18 1 PM or 5 PM
Thursday, April 25 1 PM
Friday, April 26 6:30 PM
The deal is that people register on the website to make 3 3-servings meals for 34.99 and $10 from each order goes back to the organization.  Also, for everyone who signs up to come back and do a full 36 serving order, an additional $20 per order goes back to the organization.  I’ve attached the flyer with information as well as the menu.
I can’t make it to the meeting tonight but if you want to throw it out there and see if anyone is interested that would be great.  Just let me know what date/time works and I will get it scheduled.  I need to know by Wednesday so I can get it set up on the site for people to register.

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