Camp Schedules

’m sure most of you know by now we are faced with limitations/restrictions as to what we can/not do during marching band rehearsals. Keep in mind that these restrictions are in place to help ensure the health and safety of all involved. It is VERY important that everyone follow these guidelines:
 wearing a mask at all times when NOT playing your instrument!   Check in with designated adults to read temperature, and scan the QR code to answer the health questions
 maintaining social distancing of at least 6’ at all times- this includes going to and from check-in, after rehearsals etc.   we will not be combining sections or running a FULL BAND rehearsal until given clearance to do so
 *bring water (at least 128 oz.) to every rehearsal. There will not be any food served at camp.

Because we do not have access to the building for anything, we need to adjust the schedules for both weeks of camp to accommodate that. We will be  avoiding the hottest part of the day,  with no air conditioning to get any relief from the heat.
Here is the schedule for the next 2 weeks:
 Monday 7/20
 8:30-12:00 FRESHMEN/ROOKIES ONLY with instruments
 12:00-1:00- SENIORS ONLY, no instruments
 Tuesday-Thursday 7/21-23
All sections, with staggered arrivals, the same as we’ve had the past 2weeks. Adding Colorguard to this rotation, 10:30-12:30

 Monday-Thursday 7/27-30
 ALL MARCHERS 8:30-12:00, and again from 5:30-9:00
 Friday 7/31 ALL MARCHERS 8:30-12:00 only
 Work should NOT be an issue, because in an ideal world, we would be AWAY at camp, and therefore unavailable for work.

I’ve stated many times, this season will be a work in progress. A great attitude and solid effort will be GREATLY appreciated!!!
Go Band!!


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