Message from Mr. Schoenherr

So the 2020 version of “Band Camp” has concluded, and I could not be more proud!! Despite the circumstances and the limitations, these kids worked their butts off with a strong sense of determination and pride. They were determined to NOT  let the restrictions get the best of them. Not a rehearsal went by that one (or more!) of my staff members commented to me about the work ethic and motivation of the band members. I saw (and heard) that too; throughout the week there was a vast improvement in everything they were doing. They wanted more, but were understanding of the restrictions. And even more importantly, they had FUN!!!
Thanks to all of the parent chaperons who helped out this week- wasn’t nearly as much to do as other years, but your assistance was appreciated nonetheless. Thanks to the staff!!! This wouldn’t have happened without your talents and instruction. And most importantly, thank you to the students!! I am truly proud of each and every one of you! As I told them today, in this time of uncertainty I cannot say what the future holds for this season, but regardless, an awesome foundation has been laid, and the potential for greatness is there.
As always- GO BAND!!


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