UPDATE from Mr. Schoenherr

By now you’ve probably heard that the MHSAA (Michigan High School Athletic Association) has postponed the Fall football season to the spring of 2021. What does that mean to us? A much stronger sense of optimism. I started this season with an attitude of being “cautiously optimistic”, knowing that we would have strict limitations/regulations to follow, set down by both the state and the district, but those limitations are still in place. Despite these limitations, as I have stated before, the kids did an AWESOME job at our “camp” a few weeks ago. Although they never stated as much, they knew that the odds were stacked against us for the season to proceed. And that’s where it still stands today: we still cannot get the whole band together, inside or outside. We would not have any performances (cancelled parades, Band-a-Rama, spectator capacities at the stadium), and therefor any rehearsal would not have any end-goal. There was no hope for something to come in and change all of that. With the postponement of the football season comes hope; hope of a sense of normalcy, hope of a Friday night half-time show; cuz let’s face it- most of us are in the stadium for the band, and not the actual game!!!
With that being said, the Henry Ford II Falcon Marching Band is postponing its CRAZY season until the spring of 2021, to coincide with the MHSAA Football season. I know this was a call no one (including myself) wanted to hear, but it truly is the only option we do have. Stevenson, Eisenhower and Utica High Schools, along with many other area bands, will be doing the same. I cannot say when things will start up again, as no schedule has been proposed, but hopefully we can still come together next spring and finish what we started. I will do my best to maintain as many of the student traditions as possible. I hope that when we come together again in the spring, that there is an even stronger sense of family and unity that makes the Falcon Marching Band the awesome group that it is! In the meantime, keep up on your music, keep going off the rails, keep living the crazy life, and don’t let the elevator bring you down!
This is year 21 for me, and yes, I am still crazy after all these years!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay CRAZY, and of course- GO BAND!
Mr. S


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