MSBOA Festival Timeline

Wednesday Oct. 12th, 2022

Tickets are $3 for Adults/$2 for Seniors and Students. Buy them FROM Ford II so the money goes TO Ford II.

3:30 PM – Report to field for final run-through. Please make sure you have something to eat beforehand! Don’t want anyone getting sick!

​After the run-through, we will go back to the band room, change into uniforms, etc. 

4:45 – Closed-door meeting: no chaperones, family or friends allowed.

5:00 – Depart for Troy H.S. Seniors on Bus 1

6:20 – Group picture

7:05 – Warm-up

7:35 – Travel time

7:45 – Performance!

Immediately following the performance, we will pack the trailer. You will then have a short time to get something to eat if you wish. I will let you know where we will assemble for the awards ceremony.

9:00-ish – Awards Ceremony (In Parade Formation, at Parade Rest (Seniors in Front).

10:00​Back at Ford




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