Santa Parade Info

Get your instruments decorated!!!!!! Special prize(s) will be awarded!!!!
Dress warm- scarves/earmuffs/gloves etc. are fine in addition to the Santa Hats.
Bring a blanket to stay warm in the staging area. they will be left to be collected by a local charity.
Call time: 7:45 AM at HFII. Bagels/juice will be provided!!
Buses leaving at 8:30. Staging area is at Mount Clemens H.S.
Parade route is on Main Street from Church St. to Clinton St. (See map)
If you are going home with parents after the parade, you will of course need a note for your bus chaperon, and you can meet them at the dispersal area at Gratiot/Market streets (See map)
We are number 46 in the parade, roughly in the middle.
I anticipate being back at Ford around 12:00


Matt Schoenherr


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