Volunteers Needed!

I received this message from Lori Singleton at HFII, sent from the board office:

A steady decline in food distribution volunteerism is continuing as we approach June.  We are looking for more volunteers, perhaps from some of the booster organizations, to help with this endeavor.  We are trying not to consolidate sites down unless we absolutely have to do so.
Contact Michael.Sturm@uticak12.org for details

Matt Schoenherr

Director of Bands & Choir

Henry Ford II High School

Senior Student Accounts

Any Senior with money left in their Student Account must submit their request for reimbursement no later than June 30th, 2020.  Account can be held for 2 years for a younger sibling, or designated to any band fund.  Account is not transferable to any other band student outside of siblings. 

Please mail the completed form (Student Account Deduction Form link below) & eligible receipt(s) to the Treasurer:

Sharon Shivas
16194 Cambell Dr
Macomb, MI 48044

https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4YDaWdsT_fPTGNXVEZ0ZW5QN2s/edit  —

Sharon ShivasTreasurerHenry Ford II Instrumental Music Boosters

HF2 Band – Instruments


Any student who still has an instrument at school, the building will be open on Monday from 8:30-10:00am for them to pick their instrument up. They will only be allowed to enter the school at the PAC entrance. The administrative team will be there and can walk them down to them band room.

Matt Schoenherr

Director of Bands & Choir

Henry Ford II High School

This was posted to Schoology on Thursday…

I know there has been much discussion/speculation among yourselves about what marching band will look like for the upcoming season, considering the government restrictions and guidelines. I’d like to tell you right now that I have a definitive answer to all of this, but I don’t. There is no “magic date” where everything goes back to normal. Think of it more like a dial- a gradual, paced increase in returning to normalcy. There is no timeline for that. As I’m sure you already know, universities across the state are closed to all activities for the summer; this does of course include CMU. So unfortunately, as I’m sure you’ve already speculated, there will not be an away band camp this year. What does that mean for band camp? Again, I cannot say with 100% certainty. Everything is contingent on if/when restrictions are eased, what the parameters are for gathering, both by the state and UCS. As of right now, there are no guidelines beyond May 15. What I will be doing is preparing for different scenarios, to be ready to go when given direction/clearance. You know that right now, the NHL, NBA & MLB have either postponed/delayed their seasons, and the NFL & NCAA are looking at contingency plans for the fall season. That would also, in all likelihood, have an impact on all fall high school activities as well. We don’t even know what school will look like in the late summer/fall.
I’m not saying all of this to cast a gloom and doom over everything….. but rather to be straight-forward with you, to help prepare you for whatever may come. We will adapt, we will do as best as we can. Things (not just in band) will not be the same, not for quite a while.
In the meantime, I am planning on moving ahead, as though we have 2 weeks of home band camp, a fall season, etc. I will have a modified plan ready, to be utilized as needed. I will get the music to you (porch pickup somewhere) so you can start working on that.
These are indeed Crazy times…….
So the 2020 Marching Band show is- LET’S GO CRAZY!!!
Crazy Train– Ozzy Osbourne
Let’s Go Crazy– Prince
Crazy on You– Heart
Crazy in Love– Beyonce
Livin La Vida Loca (Living the Crazy life)- Ricky Martin
Still Crazy After All These Years– Paul Simon
In the meantime, stay safe, stay awesome!

More info to follow- GO BAND!!!!

Matt Schoenherr

Director of Bands & Choir

Henry Ford II High School

HF2 Band Cedar Point Trip


Hello everyone, I hope this finds you and your families safe.  I know we are all struggling to get through this pandemic the best we can and it saddens me to have to inform you that this years trip to Cedar Point is being cancelled due to the circumstances.  For the few who have sent in a check, I can get it back to you or I can tear it up.  If you would like it back, please email me at anthonylandini100@gmail.com If I do not hear from you by May 15th, I will tear up the check and dispose.  Thank you for your understanding in this, it has not been an easy spring for our band, but we are hopeful to get back to more normal conditions soon.


Tony Landini


Band Boosters ZOOM meeting


Hello Band Families,

We hope you are all doing well and staying healthy!

We will be hosting a ZOOM meeting on Monday May 4th at 8pm.

You will meet the new board members and say farewell to those Senior members and senior board members! This is bittersweet since we cannot meet in person.

We will welcome any Freshman parents as well!

Please send any questions you may have for the board or Matt so we can review them and try to have answers for them at the meeting. Send you questions to Jeff Finnigan @ hf2imb@gmail.com.

Please check your emails for the ZOOM meeting.

In the meantime stay healthy and stay safe!