Reminder from the Treasurer:

Student Account Guidelines:
You cannot use any funds that you have earned while fundraising until they are posted to your student’s account.    Funds are posted as they are received, there is always a delay in receiving  the funds from the fundraiser source.    Money cannot be posted to the account until it is received from the fund raising source  (I cannot post money I don’t have).   Please do not submit any forms for student account deductions until you have confirmed the funds are there.   Any future requests for using money from Student Accounts that is not there, could result in denial of the payment.
Funds in Student Accounts are ONLY to be used for band related items for the STUDENT.
Please be sure that a form is submitted will all payments, regardless of the fundraiser,  band camp, summer uniforms,  etc.   Please be sure it is complete and accurate.
Please follow the above rules.   This is a very busy time of year for me as Treasurer,  not following the above guidelines has resulted in several hours of tracking down payments and emails, all of which should be unnecessary.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Thank you,

SUBJECT: Final Band Camp payment due

The second Band camp payment is due by July 1.   The total due for each student for band camp is $400.   If you have a remaining balance due, please mail or drop it off to the Treasurer, Stephanie McKenzie at the address on the Band camp form on the website.
A form is required for all payments   It helps make sure your student is credited correctly.
There are still many of you that have not made a payment.   It is due ASAP.
**Note:  On Student Accounts:  Kroger money and sheet money is not available yet.   Jimmy John money for games worked up to and including June 10 will be available for use.
**** Please also make sure that you have turned in your summer uniform orders! We need to get the order in so we can have in time for camp.
If you have any questions, email

General Membership Meeting Tonight 7PM!


Hello All New and current Band Families,

Reminder the last general members meeting for this 2017-2018 school year will be held June 4th in the Band OR ECC room at HF2.

Your students first Away Band Camp Payment of $200 is due at the meeting. Please see Stephanie McKenzie our treasurer.

Also, anyone with a senior account only please see Stephanie if you have made your decision on what to do with any funds left in your account. They need to be closed by June 30th!

The last payment will be due July 1st.