Mark is still accepting Scrip orders but he must have enough in order to place the order. Currently right now we do not have enough in order to place it and not be charged.

So if you are still interested please proceed and this is a good way to add to your student accounts. 

Also, Shop often and online as well as many deals are only 1-3 days. 

If you have questions please contact Mark.

UPDATE from Mr. Schoenherr

By now you’ve probably heard that the MHSAA (Michigan High School Athletic Association) has postponed the Fall football season to the spring of 2021. What does that mean to us? A much stronger sense of optimism. I started this season with an attitude of being “cautiously optimistic”, knowing that we would have strict limitations/regulations to follow, set down by both the state and the district, but those limitations are still in place. Despite these limitations, as I have stated before, the kids did an AWESOME job at our “camp” a few weeks ago. Although they never stated as much, they knew that the odds were stacked against us for the season to proceed. And that’s where it still stands today: we still cannot get the whole band together, inside or outside. We would not have any performances (cancelled parades, Band-a-Rama, spectator capacities at the stadium), and therefor any rehearsal would not have any end-goal. There was no hope for something to come in and change all of that. With the postponement of the football season comes hope; hope of a sense of normalcy, hope of a Friday night half-time show; cuz let’s face it- most of us are in the stadium for the band, and not the actual game!!!
With that being said, the Henry Ford II Falcon Marching Band is postponing its CRAZY season until the spring of 2021, to coincide with the MHSAA Football season. I know this was a call no one (including myself) wanted to hear, but it truly is the only option we do have. Stevenson, Eisenhower and Utica High Schools, along with many other area bands, will be doing the same. I cannot say when things will start up again, as no schedule has been proposed, but hopefully we can still come together next spring and finish what we started. I will do my best to maintain as many of the student traditions as possible. I hope that when we come together again in the spring, that there is an even stronger sense of family and unity that makes the Falcon Marching Band the awesome group that it is! In the meantime, keep up on your music, keep going off the rails, keep living the crazy life, and don’t let the elevator bring you down!
This is year 21 for me, and yes, I am still crazy after all these years!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay CRAZY, and of course- GO BAND!
Mr. S

More info from Mr. Schoenherr

A couple of things as we move toward the start of the school year;
1. As you are making your decisions on whether or not to enroll in the UCS Virtual Academy (virtual for the ENTIRE year) and you plan on taking band, I want you to know that I would NOT be your band teacher. Another UCS music teacher (tbd) will have all of the virtual music students. Just wanted to make sure that you were aware of that, and weren’t blindsided by that once school starts.
2. Marching Band- the 4 UCS high school band directors will be meeting shortly to discuss what may or may not be happening this fall. Limitations are still in place, and we still have specific guidelines to follow, but we have to look at the practicality of ALL things. I ABSOLUTELY share your frustrations with the unknowns at this time, I will do my best to get more information to you in a timely manner.
Any questions/comments, please don’t hesitate to send me a message at
As always, GO BAND!

Marching Rehearsals

The Marching Band Rehearsals scheduled for August are currently on hold, as UCS is continuing to adjust/amend their guidelines to help ensure a safe environment for all activities. As I get more information on that, I will pass that along as soon as possible!

Stay safe


Handmade Marketplace Craft show for 2021

Handmade Market place Craft show for 2021

Dear Falcon Band Families,
                It is with a heavy heart that the HF2 IMB Board has made the very difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Handmade Marketplace craft show. Trust us when we say that this decision was not made lightly. We took a lot of time to weigh our options and look at what the school year might look like for our band and for Henry Ford Highs chool. We consulted with the Athletic Boosters (who have cancelled their November show) along with the administration and we are sure that this is the right decision. Considering the fact that we would be investing a lot of time and money into a show that may not even be able to take place this year, we decided to cancel.
                We know that this isn’t easy for anyone and understand that a lot of our families count on their share of the show to pay for band activities. Please know that we are currently researching other options for fundraisers. We are committed to finding other options to help your family add money to their band accounts. If you have a safe fundraising idea, please reach out. We are all ears.
                We are grateful for your support and look forward to the day when we can all be together again supporting our Falcon bands!
Kind regards,
Your HF2 IMB Board

Message from Mr. Schoenherr

So the 2020 version of “Band Camp” has concluded, and I could not be more proud!! Despite the circumstances and the limitations, these kids worked their butts off with a strong sense of determination and pride. They were determined to NOT  let the restrictions get the best of them. Not a rehearsal went by that one (or more!) of my staff members commented to me about the work ethic and motivation of the band members. I saw (and heard) that too; throughout the week there was a vast improvement in everything they were doing. They wanted more, but were understanding of the restrictions. And even more importantly, they had FUN!!!
Thanks to all of the parent chaperons who helped out this week- wasn’t nearly as much to do as other years, but your assistance was appreciated nonetheless. Thanks to the staff!!! This wouldn’t have happened without your talents and instruction. And most importantly, thank you to the students!! I am truly proud of each and every one of you! As I told them today, in this time of uncertainty I cannot say what the future holds for this season, but regardless, an awesome foundation has been laid, and the potential for greatness is there.
As always- GO BAND!!