2016 Composite Picture Info

2016 Composite Picture Pricing


WEDNESDAY JUNE 1, 2016 – 7:30-12:00

Tomorrow, Wednesday June 1, Prestige Photography will be at HFII to photograph all members of the Falcon Marching band for our wall composite. Photo packages are available for purchase, including a copy of the wall composite. Packages can be paid for tomorrow at the sitting, or turned in to Mr. Schoenherr by Tuesday, June 7. Price list attached. There is NO obligation to purchase any package.

Pictures will be in full uniform (WITH gloves, WITHOUT hat) and instrument/mallets/flag.

If your uniform is at school already, GREAT. If it is not, this is the perfect time to bring it in, as we will be collecting all uniforms at this time. For those students who are not on campus (UAIS) or if you are absent and cannot make it to HFII during this time, you will be able to contact Prestige Photography to set up a sitting at their Shelby Twp. Location.  Students not in my classes in the AM should see me for a pass.

Pictures will be sent to HFII- for underclassmen, I will distribute the pictures during sectionals throughout the summer. Seniors- I will contact you when they have arrived to make arrangements for either pick-up or delivery.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Schoenherr at matthew.schoenherr@uticak12.org


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