Holiday Deals

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Jimmy John’s Field Fundraiser

Just a reminder that the Jimmy John’s Field fundraiser is in full swing. Each game you work earns your student’s Student Account $25 and the Band’s General Fund $5. That’s PER PERSON working, so if you and your spouse both work a game, that’s $50 for your student and $10 for the Band!

If you love the sights and sounds of a summer baseball game, get involved today! The SignUpGenius and more info can be found here.

Memorial Day Timeline


MONDAY, MAY 30th 2022

7:45         Arrive at Ford in summer uniform (Just What the Doctor Ordered T-Shirt, WHITE shorts, shoes, etc.) Once again, anyone in shorts deemed unacceptable (too short, beige, etc.) will be sent home.

    *See below for cooler weather issues

8:00       Leave for Dodge Park

8:15        Arrive at Dodge Park, unload, proceed to staging area, 

then WAIT!

8:45           Memorial Day Ceremony- Silence!

10:00     Parade starts- we won’t know where we are in the parade line-up until we arrive

11:30-ish    End of Parade route, pack up and return home

12:00         Arrive back at Ford (approximately)

If parents are at the parade and plan on picking up students at Ford, please leave right after we pass you.  DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE PARADE ENDS TO START HOME.  

Parade Route: Dodge Park Road, starts at Dodge Park, ends at Heritage Junior High

If you are taking your child home directly from the parade, please send in a note to be given to the bus chaperone. Our dispersal/pickup area is at Oakbrook Elementary, behind Heritage Jr. High.  

* IF the weather is anticipated to be cooler (in Michigan, one never knows), I will get the word out for modifications to the summer uniform. Past modifications have included blue jeans, long sleeve t’s etc.)

Memorial Day Parade!!

It’s been several years since we’ve been able to do this, but the HFII Falcon Marching Band will be participating in the Sterling Heights Memorial Day Parade on Monday May 30!
I don’t have any specific details from Sterling Heights at this time, but I would anticipate the call time to be 8:00 AM, in SUMMER UNIFORM. IF the weather looks like it will be on the cool side (in Michigan, you NEVER know….) I will allow some modifications to the summer uniform (Jeans, long-sleeve shirt underneath, etc.
We will be performing some of the music from Just What the Doctor Ordered.
As I get more details, I will relay them to you ASAP!
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Matt Schoenherr

Director of Bands & Choir

Henry Ford II High School